My Mother’s love is a special gift that will live in my heart forever.

With daily visits, lunches and dinner times together, my mom fell nine times at a nursing home in Reisterstown Maryland, a place they called her home. Her falls always occurred before or after a family visit. I was told by the facility administrator they could not stop her from falling. After being left unattended in a bathroom mom fell and received four stitches to her head at Sinai Hospital at the age of 92. I eventually had the nursing home investigated by OHCQ. They were cited and there was not another fall. However, I was then told by the facility that mom was very ill and had six months to live and they recommended that she be placed in hospice. I knew better, I knew it was their way of protecting themselves from another investigation. Mom was not ill; she was an Alzheimer’s patient in good health. I was also told by the administrator that mom was the easiest patient to care for at the facility. So I refused hospice and took mom home on the Medical Waver Program. She lived a wonderful life. Eating, going to the Symphony, shopping, and enjoying her family for the past three and a half years. Our love and care kept her alive and well with no falls. After a wonderful healthy life Mom died very peacefully in the arms of her daughters, son-in-law and Grandchildren. In my experience I saw a facility where the elderly and disabled are warehoused with payments coming in and care going out the window. I received a copy of mom’s medical records including incident reports. 975 pages back and front and paid the facility $700.00 for the records which listed each fall individually. If I had to do it again, I would never place a family member in a nursing home for long term care.
Neta Purcell
May 18th 1919 to Feb 15th 2016
We love you mom